We know how hard it can be for you to eat healthy, and because of that, here at the Hook Line & Schooner seafood restaurant we have created one of the best and healthiest menus that you can find.  Our menu includes an assortment of salads, soups, tacos, raw bar as well as oysters, all of which are provided at the highest quality.

Salads and soups

If you want to eat light but still acquire the necessary proteins and stay healthy, then we recommend you to check out some of our soups. Our South Manhattan Chowder brings in one of the best combinations of seafood with fennel and smoked tomato, so the results are definitely one of a kind. We also bring you numerous other salads and soups in the form of the Caesar, the Rocket and the HLS, one of the major additions to our seafood restaurant. If you feel that this is not enough, then you can check out the salad add-ons, which include shrimp, salmon or lobster, depending on your taste.


If you like oysters, then our Hook Line & Schooner is a wonderful choice. You can get the Cajun, West Coast, Down South and HLS, each one with its own set of additions, which make the eating experience one of a kind.

House specialties

Hook Line & Schooner brings one numerous astounding house specialties, all of which are created specifically to provide you with a one of a kind taste which you will enjoy. First, you get the grilled snow crab legs, as well as the crispy whole flounder, but if you like the traditional English fish and chips, then our seafood restaurant can provide you with that as well.

Our specialties course also includes the Seafood Scampi and, upon request, you will have the opportunity to check out the surf plus other add-ons.

Fresh fish market

We provide you with a wide range of fresh fish for you, and you can choose the board, preparation, topping and a side, all of which combined can bring you a one of a kind experience which you will definitely appreciate and enjoy being a part of.


Our seafood restaurants also provides you with deserts if you want to check them out, they are highly refined and very tasty, a delight after you check out our seafood. You can choose from maple bread pudding, key lime pie and chocolate schooner cake.

In conclusion, our Atlanta coastal tavern provides you with a variety of salads, starters, house specialties, and you even have the opportunity to customize your meal on your own, by choosing its content manually. If you want a great experience with your salad, then check out our meals, you will appreciate the high variety and exquisite tastes that you can get from us, all of them at highly affordable prices!