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Rescued by Roundup Program

This adorable guy is Dude. For some reason, he was out and about on his own and Cobb County has a leash law. Cobb County Animal Services picked him up and took him to their shelter thinking that as soon as his owner realized he was gone, they would come to the shelter to get him. Sadly it didn’t happen, so Dude was put in a cage with all the noise and craziness similar to the cats. There’s a 7-day mandatory hold on strays, and just like with cat and kittens if their owner doesn’t claim him, then he’s put up on the adoption floor for as long as there’s space for him. That is until Southern Journey Animal Transport and Rescue heard about him!

A special thanks to the volunteers who work on behalf of the dogs and share the pictures and stories of those that are in need of rescue, and to Southern Journey and Animal Rescue ( for rescuing Dude and you for helping to improve the lives of innocent dogs, and also a big THANK YOU to our caring customers who help to make it possible with their donations!

Dog sleeping
dog chewing on a bone
Dog laying on the couch

Because of the generous support from our customers with our Roundup Program, we are happy to announce that we were able to save a cat and a dog who were in a kill shelter. 

Charmer is a gray & white domestic shorthair cat that is about 8-12 months old. He’s been described as a SUPER SWEET boy! He was hit by a car and when Cobb County Animal Services took him in, he was diagnosed with a spiral mid-shaft right femoral fracture. They medicated him, but he really needed surgery or possibly amputation, so he had to get rescue as soon as possible. With help from the Roundup Program, he is now safe at Fur Kids Animal Rescue, a no-kill rescue organization, and he was taken to an animal hospital for surgery. With his personality, he’ll get his furever home as soon as he’s well. Charmer is forever grateful, and we are too!

Charmer the cat

We’re also happy to announce that with the Roundup Program donations we were also able to save Abby. Abby is just a year old and when her owner dropped her off at Cobb County Animal Services, she was extremely malnourished and weighed only 26 pounds. With the Roundup donations, Southern Journey Animal Rescue & Transport was able to rescue her from the kill shelter, get her vaccinated, spayed and fed her extremely well because she is now 45 pounds! 

Abby is now safe at Voorhees Animal Orphanage in New Jersey. Our goal is to rescue as many animals as possible, but we could not do it without the help of you, our customers. We sincerely thank you for supporting the Roundup Program!

Our customers did it again via our Roundup Program! We’re proud to introduce Tessie, the 3rd rescue since starting the Roundup Program. The shelter she was in was a kill shelter and they estimated that she’s 8 weeks old. She wasn’t yet 2 pounds so she couldn’t be put out on the adoption floor. Growing up at a shelter with limited space is risky. Cats often get sick or depressed and end up getting overlooked by potential adopters. Thanks to our customers rounding up, Tessie was placed at Fur Kids Animal Rescue and Shelter, which is a no-kill shelter. Yesterday we found out that she has already been adopted and is in a wonderful home with a fur sister named Tinsel.

Thank You Fur Kids and thank you to all of our customers for rounding up. This is a great way to start 2019! Let’s start working on rescue #4.

Tessie The Kitten
Tessie The Kitten
Tessie The Kitten
Bethany the Cat

Introducing Bethany, our 4th rescue with the help of the Roundup Program and our caring customers!

Bethany’s story is a sad one. She is 10 years old and she was brought to a kill shelter as a stray. Being 10 years old in a kill shelter is extremely dangerous! Older cats are often overlooked because there are so many kittens and younger cats to choose from. Bethany was becoming depressed and she stopped grooming. She was outside and front declawed which made her an easy target for the coyotes that we all know wander Cobb neighborhoods. Without her front claws, she couldn’t fight to save her life. Good Mews Animal Foundation took Bethany into their organization and she is now safe and in a foster home.

Again, sincere thanks goes out to all who supported the Hook Line & Schooner Roundup Program and to Good Mews Animal Foundation for giving Bethany a chance to live out her life feeling safe and in the comfort of a home.

Another happy outcome because of our generous HLS customers!

Our 5th rescue from donations to the HLS Round-Up Program is Bridgett, a 3-year-old pointer mix. Bridgett loves to give hugs and is described as “super sweet”. It is alleged that she was involved in some type of dog fighting because she has scars all over her face and body. Because of her sweet disposition, she was most likely a “bait” dog (bait dogs are used to train fighting dogs). Obviously, Bridgett has had a hard life.

Bridgett was surrendered to Cobb County Animal Services and was placed in a cage, and overlooked by potential adopters until Southern Journey Animal Rescue & Transport was contacted about her. As soon as they saw her, they knew they had to save her. Bridgett is now safe at Southern Journey Animal Rescue & Transport and she will be transported to a no-kill rescue in New Jersey, where she will finally have a chance to have a forever home with a caring family.

A special thanks to Southern Journey Animal Rescue & Transport for rescuing Bridgett and for all that they do to improve the lives of innocent animals, and to our caring customers who help to make it possible with their donations!

Shug the beagle-mixed dog

Our 6th rescue from donations to the HLS Round Up Program is Shug (aka Simba) a one year old beagle mix. Shug’s owner surrendered him to Cobb County Animal Services. Nobody seems to know why he was given up, but what they do know is that he’s super sweet so there had to be a good reason for someone to give up this cutie! The pictures are from when he was out of the shelter.

Our 7th rescue from donations to the HLS Round Up Program is Carlos, a 1-1/2 year old male white/tabby, who ended up at Cobb County Animal Services as a stray. Stray cats find themselves at Cobb County Animal Services when a citizen makes a complaint or when they get dropped off by someone who finds them. Since Carlos was a stray, we don’t have a lot of information on him except for the information from shelter volunteers and staff, and they said he’s extremely sweet and needs to be with a family that will take good care of him and not allow him to roam.
A special thanks to Southern Journey Animal Rescue & Transport, for rescuing Shug and to Purr Nation Cat Alliance
for rescuing Carlos! Both of these organizations do so much to improve the lives of innocent animals, and to our caring customers who help to make it possible with their donations!

Carlos the white tabby cat
Lucy the rescue dog

We’re proud to introduce Lucy, our 9th rescue from customers’ donations to the HLS Round-Up Program. Lucy is 4 years old and she was turned in to the county shelter because her owners couldn’t take care of her. This sweet girl was at the shelter for 2 months. Sadly, like black cats, black dogs are overlooked. Lucy is now in a foster home enjoying the company of 3 children. Her foster family says she’s sweet as ever and she’s absolutely adorable!

A special thanks to Southern Journey Pet Rescue and Transport for taking Lucy into their awesome organization! Thank you for helping to improve the lives of innocent dogs! Also a big THANK YOU to our caring customers who help make it possible with their donations!

Here are some pictures of Lucy in her foster home.